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How to Score the Best Deals on Flights from SFO to Los Cabos International

Are you planning a vacation to Los Cabos? If so, then you must be excited to experience the sunshine, beaches, and tropical vibes. But before you get too carried away, you need to figure out how to get there first.

Flights can often be the most expensive part of a trip, which is why it's essential to understand how to score the best deals.

If you're flying from San Francisco to Cabo, then you're in luck. In this blog post, we'll be discussing how to get the best deals on flights from SFO to SJD so that you can save money and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

1. Book Your Flights in Advance

The best way to get the best deals on flights from San Francisco to Cabo is to book your tickets in advance. Generally, flight prices tend to rise as the flight date approaches. Therefore, it's beneficial to book your flights as early as possible, ideally two to three months in advance.

This strategy allows you to find cheaper flights and gives you more options to choose from. Additionally, you can take advantage of early-bird offers and promotions offered by airlines.

2. Be Flexible with Your Dates

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, then you may be able to save money on flights. Prices tend to vary depending on the day of the week, month, and season. Therefore, it's wise to check the prices for different dates before booking your flights. You may find that flying mid-week is cheaper than flying on a weekend.

Similarly, traveling during the off-season (May to June or September to October) can be more affordable than peak season (December to April).

3. Look for Deals and Promotions

Another great way to save money on flights is to look for deals and promotions. Many airlines offer discounts on their flights through various channels, such as email newsletters, social media, and travel websites. You can sign up for these promotions and alerts to stay updated on the latest offers. Additionally, you can use travel booking sites that aggregate multiple airlines and compare prices to find the best deal (see below for more info).

4. Consider Alternate Airports

San Francisco has multiple airports in the area, such as SFO, OAK, and SJC. If you're flexible with your departure and arrival airports, then you may be able to find cheaper flights. Some airlines operate out of secondary airports, which are less busy and may have lower fees. For example, flying out of Oakland or San Jose instead of San Francisco could save you money on flights. See list which airlines serve each one of the SF Bay Area Airports.

5. Avoid Peak Travel Seasons

Finally, to score the best deals on flights from San Francisco to Cabo, it's important to avoid peak travel seasons. As mentioned earlier, the high season in Cabo is December to April, which means flight prices are usually more expensive during this time. If you can schedule your trip during the off-season, you may find cheaper flights and deals on hotels.

General Tips to Also consider:

Use Fare Comparison Websites: Beyond popular sites, use lesser-known flight comparison engines like Skyscanner, Momondo, and Google Flights. These platforms can sometimes reveal hidden deals and combinations that other search engines might miss.

Set Fare Alerts: Subscribe to fare alert services such as Skyscanner's price alerts or fare tracking on Google Flights. This way, you'll be notified when prices drop for your chosen route.

Clear Your Cookies: Some travel websites use cookies to track your search history, potentially raising prices based on perceived demand. Clear your cookies or use private browsing mode to avoid this.

Use Airline Miles and Points Strategically: Sign up for frequent flyer programs and use credit cards that offer airline rewards. Be mindful of the best ways to redeem miles and points for maximum value.

Book at the Right Time: Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a "perfect" time to book flights. However, studies suggest that booking around 6-8 weeks before your travel date tends to offer good deals.

Fly During Off-Peak Times: Flights tend to be cheaper on weekdays, early mornings, or late nights. Avoid peak travel seasons and holidays for better deals.

Negotiate Over the Phone: Sometimes calling the airline directly can lead to better deals, especially if you're booking for a group or if there's a special situation.

Follow Airlines on Social Media: Airlines sometimes announce flash sales or limited-time deals on their social media accounts.

Student and Senior Discounts: If you're a student or a senior, there might be specific discounts available to you. Don't forget to check for these options.


Saving money on flights from San Francisco to Los Cabo requires a bit of research, flexibility, and timing. By using the tips we've discussed in this blog post, you can find the best deals and save money on your flights.

Remember to book your flights in advance, be flexible with your dates, look for promotions and deals, consider alternate airports, and avoid peak travel seasons. With a little bit of effort, you can spend more money on pina coladas and beach lounging and less on flights.

Happy travels!


Looking for which airlines serve each SF Bay Area Airports?

Here's a list of some of the major airlines that operate at each of the three main airports in the San Francisco Bay Area: San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK), and Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC).

San Francisco International Airport (SFO):

  • United Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • American Airlines

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • JetBlue Airways

  • Air Canada

  • British Airways

  • Lufthansa

  • Cathay Pacific Airways

Oakland International Airport (OAK):

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Allegiant Air

  • Hawaiian Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC):

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • American Airlines

  • JetBlue Airways

  • Air Canada

  • British Airways

  • Hainan Airlines

Please note that this list includes some of the major airlines operating at each airport, but there may be additional airlines that operate seasonal or occasional flights.

It's always a good idea to check the official websites of the airports for the most up-to-date information on airlines and routes.


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