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Eating Local: The Farm to Fork Movement in Los Cabos

Are you planning a vacation to Los Cabos and hunting for tips on where to dine? Then welcome to the ultimate guide to Farm to Fork dining in Los Cabos!

Photo Credit: Flora Farms

The Farm to Fork concept is rapidly growing in popularity across the world, and Los Cabos is no exception. If you're a foodie and favor locally sourced ingredients, you are in the right place!. Try out the best Farm to Fork restaurants in Los Cabos for a unique, savory culinary experience.

What is Farm to Fork?

Farm to Fork is a food movement that emphasizes the use of locally sourced ingredients in restaurant menus. The idea behind Farm to Fork is to promote sustainability, reduce food waste, and support local farmers and businesses. The movement started in the United States in the 1980s and has since spread globally.

Los Cabos

Farm to Fork dining in Los Cabos has a rich history that dates back to the region's early settlers who relied on locally grown produce and livestock for sustenance. Over time, this agricultural tradition has been carried forward by generations of farmers and ranchers who have worked hard to cultivate the fertile land of the Baja Peninsula.

The movement towards sustainable, locally sourced ingredients gained momentum in the 2000s when renowned chefs such as Enrique Olvera and Diego Hernandez began incorporating traditional ingredients into their modern cuisine.

Today, Los Cabos is home to numerous Farm to Fork restaurants that showcase the region's bountiful produce, seafood, and meat in creative and delicious ways.


Acre is a perfect venue to celebrate farm-to-table cuisine with their sustainably grown produce and humanely raised meats. If you're in the mood for a sophisticated escape with a focus on eco-healthy eating, Acre is the place for you. Chef Oscar Peralta combines local ingredients with modern cooking techniques to create a menu that's both fresh and innovative.

Acre is also the perfect spot to spend an entire day – come early, and enjoy a tranquil morning walk in the organic farm, followed by lunch at their restaurant, and end your day with a nightcap in their bar.

Los Tamarindos

When you dine at Los Tamarindos, you know that you're getting farm-to-table food right on the farm. This restaurant is located in the heart of a 17-acre organic farm and serves only the freshest, picked-that-day produce. Chef Enrique Silva has collaborated with other farmers here in the region to create new recipes that represent the flavors of the local cuisine. The restaurant is also a great place to have a closer look at seasonal ingredients, and they offer farm tours, and fun cooking classes.

Flora Farms

Flora Farms is one of the most famous Farm to Fork restaurants in Los Cabos. They rely on a true "Farm to Table" concept, ensuring that all ingredients used in their dishes are grown directly on the property. The restaurant setting is purely peaceful, and the atmosphere is casual yet elegant. Grab your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one spot, and dine with natural beauty surrounding the farm. Additionally, you can walk around the Flora Farm market (a neighboring marketplace), wander around the organic garden, and shop in their charming boutique.


Tora is another great Farm to Fork dining option in Los Cabos with sushi as the main attraction. This restaurant is famous for utilizing fresh fish that's obtained directly from the Cabo San Lucas market, and their kitchen is equipped to use cutting-edge culinary techniques. To make their dishes even more unique, they combine local hot spices, aromatic herbs, and vegetables in the typical Japanese style. Wash down your sushi with a fancy Japanese cocktail, and appreciate the amazing flavor combinations of Mexico & Japan.


Los Cabos's Farm to Fork dining scene provides the perfect answer for vacationers looking for a unique and sustainable food experience. Spread across organic farms, restaurants in Los Cabos serve savory and healthy dishes created with ingredients sourced from the region.

The restaurant scenes mentioned in this article are just a few of the many examples of Los Cabos's great farm-to-table restaurants. If you're looking for an extraordinary dining experience in Los Cabos, Farm to Fork dining is the perfect way to satisfy your appetite!



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